"The life of a man consists not in seeing visions and in dreaming dreams,
but in active charity and in willing service"


    Though KESAVABHATLA CHARITABLE TRUST is very young, it gained a lot of applause from the citizens of Rajahmundry, because of its well organised Charitable Activities being conducted every month. The KESAVABHATLA CHARITABLE TRUST believes in human resources. "Today's students are tomorrow's pillars"
    of New India. Hence KESAVABHATLA CHARITABLE TRUST encourages students from weaker sections.


    Every year the world disabled day is observed on December 3rd , all over the world. KESAVABHATLA CHARITABLE TRUST has taken it upon itself to boost the morale of the deaf,dumb and handicapped children by showcasing their talents in a bigway. Over the years hundreds of wheel –chairs Tricycles and artificial limbs have been distributed. Dancing competitions have been organized by us among the teams from the four schools in Rajahmundry city. A peep into our 'Photo Gallery' will reveal the exceptional talents and amazing communication skills of these challenged children. Members of KESAVABHATLA CHARITABLE TRUST make regular visits to these schools and lend their helping hand by donating necessary equipment like computes etc.


    To encourage the students from the lower strata of society, who are not able to 'buy' Corporate l Education, KESAVABHATLA CHARITABLE TRUST started felicitating meritorious students, studying in Government schools by giving cash awards, medals, Certificates etc. So far the KESAVABHATLA CHARITABLE TRUST has felicitated hundreds of boys and girls studying in Govt schools and Municipal schools in and around Rajahmundry.


    In line with our policy to help the poor, the KESAVABHATLA CHARITABLE TRUST has started "free insurance scheme" to the poor labours like masonry workers, Taxi and Auto Drivers, Railway Plat Form Porters and Vendors. Sofar we have covered several people under free insurance scheme. If any of those persons meets with an accident, their families will be provided some relief to meet such sudden exigencies.


    With a view to provide better medical care to the Poor and needy who cannot afford corporate treatment, the KESAVABHATLA CHARITABLE TRUST has started medical camps in slum areas in and around Rajahmundry with the help of local renowned doctors. Besides this, so for we have conducted several mega medical camps and provided spectacles to poor and needy persons at free of cost.


    With a view to extend the medical service to the tribals living in agency areas of East Godavari District,the KESAVABHATLA CHARITABLE TRUST started its work in KONDAMODALU Village located very remotely in agency area. The tribals in this village were deprived of medical care, because of no proper connectivity, and the KESAVABHATLA CHARITABLE TRUST has extended its helping hand by conducting a mega medical camp and also decided to conduct such camps at regular intervals. As there were no roads, medical staff, volunteers equipment and other materials were transported and by rough ghat roads and on a motor boat to Kondamodalu.( a distance of 80 kilometres ). But the trouble involved was more than compensated by the grateful looks of the innocent tribals, at the end of the day. More than a thousand people from several villages in the area attended the mega medical camp and got tested and benefited.


    In 2013, during ' Neelam ' Cyclone when trains were abruptly stopped at Rajahmundry railway station KESAVABHATLA CHARITABLE TRUST supplied food (Tamarind Rice, Curd Rice packets and Water Bottles ) to thousands of stranded passengers.

    When ' Kedarnath ' was hit by worst ever floods, many telugu people who were stranded there were rescued and were returned by special trains to Visakhapatnam and Puri. KESAVABHATLA CHARITABLE TRUST served them with breakfast and water bottles which was a timely help for them.

    Helping the victims of natural calamities, disasters and fire accidents with immediate succour is one of the objectives of KESAVABHATLA CHARITABLE TRUST. In the last three years many such victims got our help.

    In the recent tragedy caused by Hud Hud Cyclone in and around Visakhapatnam, KESAVABHATLA CHARITABLE TRUST did its bit of service by Providing essentials supplies to the 1600 inhabitants of CHIPPADA Village near Pudimadaka where the cyclone touched the coast first. The village is badly damage the people there are fishermen and daily wage workers. We supplied each family with 5 Kgs of Rice, 1 Kg Oil, 1 Kg Dal, 1Kg salt, candles match boxes, vegetables and 20 liters of Water thus giving some relief to the 500 families, suffering there


    "It was an interesting experiement and a wonderful experience". This is the unanimous opinion of many people who attended the function.

    It is customary for various Associations and groups to have garden parties during Kartika Masam every year. K.C.T. organized Kartika Samaradhana for the elderly people living in the local old age homes and also for the children of deaf and dumb, blind and other challenged-children schools. Almost a thousand people, young and old were carefully transported to Function Hall, by 9.00 AM and the meet was inaugurated by VIPS , who was all praise for the novel and noble idea.

    It was a mega event. Besides a sumptuous lunch, there were dances and games competitions for the willing participants and 75 first prizes and 75 second prizes were given away in various events. Many dignitaries like Eminent Persons and all well wishers attended the function and enjoyed the activies. The event was widely reported in the electronic and print media.


    On August 15, every year KESAVABHATLA CHARITABLE TRUST members visit some schools and interact with students and inspire them Food and cloths are distributed to the needy.

    After Christmas every year KESAVABHATLA CHARITABLE TRUST participates in "Youth Christmas" and this tries to inculcate good and noble qualities among the participating youth, apart from giving Christmas gifts to them.

    Inspired by the charitable work of Satya Sai Seva Samitis world wide, KESAVABHATLA CHARITABLE TRUST observes the " Jayanti Utsav " of Satya Saibaba in November every year and distributes clothes and serves food to the Leprosy patients of " Maharogi Arogya Kendram " at Bommuru.

    Similarly, victims of fire accidents were supplied with immediate help like rice, Vegetables and cooking utensils By KESAVABHATLA CHARITABLE TRUST. Old and homeless needy persons also were given Blankets, Umbrellas and Rice etc,